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1.may.22 - all main pages live

9.apr.22 - finalized() homepage layout. now i'm gonna ping-pong between filling it with content and assembling other pages.

they say it's raining again tomorrow...

ayo. i'm uh ... utsu? yeah. yeah. let's go with that. a nice, meaningful name from a language that ain't my own but is hecka nice and rife with style.

anyway yeah. i'm utsu, and welcome to my shoddy corner of the web.

i don't know what i'll even put on here, because really this is just a new hobby i'm taking on to stave off The Great Depression.

after hyperfixating on coding and layouts and graphics, maybe i'll use this place as a braindump site. we'll see.



content warnings

this site may feature content either explicitly showing or alluding to: mental illness, sex, kink, body horror, and violence.

flashing or flickering images may also abound. please tread carefully. love u.

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